Jamaica House Music Production and Publishing was established in 2017 as the creative publishing venture by highly acclaimed music producer Mallory Williams (singer/songwriter) and other singer/songwriters_____. As the publishing department of Jamaica House Music . We became is a talent hub, with many young people with talent struggling to move forward in the industry Jamaica house Music intends to nurturing and developing writers, producers and performers from various genres of music with an emphasis on Reggae and the promotion of the music coming out of Jamaica. Our aim is to propel the new talent to success in an ever-changing international music society. Mallory williams wrote many songs which became verry popular in Jamaica and other parts of the Globe.
In his 1986 song She Boom, Mallory Williams sings about a woman called 'Poochie Lou', whose dancing sets the Rae Town Sunday night oldies session alight, so much so that "dem tun off de soun' fi she sekkle down/Coulden sekkle down she come fi mash up de town". However, in the writing of She Boom, there was a woman whose name is not mentioned in the song. And his connection to that woman, Sophia George, came about because of her hit, Girlie Girlie. The late Tony Laing directed the video for She Boom, centred around the Capricorn Inn, during a Sunday night session when as Williams sings, "Klassique in town, good vibes jus' a flow". After Williams did the song Reggae Gone Grammy, he had looked up Laing. The musical connection was from another generation as their fathers had played in the same band. Williams told The Sunday Gleaner that he played keyboards on Girlie Girlie and was in the band that went with George to perform in England, as well as Holland, Spain, and other European countries. Son of the famous Jamaican pianist and band leader, Luther Williams, cousin to model/singer/actress, the inimitable Grace Jones, Mallory developed as a self-taught musician playing the piano at every available opportunity. In 1976 he made his debut with the Tony DaCosta Band as a keyboard player. It was sheer coincidence that on this occasion he worked at the Hilton, previously known as the Arawak, the same hotel where his father spent most of his residency and subsequently composed his hit tune Arawak-Cha-Cha at that time. Seeking wider experience, Mallory left Jamaica after a two-year initiation and journeyed to New York from where he began working the cruise ship circuit with Jamaican singer Alston Bair. The home bug bit in 1980 and Mallory returned to Jamaica and joined the Caribs Band at the Jonkanoo Lounge. Not content to accompany the various artists of the day, he ventured unto front stage himself, and did a successful stint as a Cabaret artist performing to both local and international audiences. During this time, Mallory opened up for international superstars Nancy Wilson and Lou Rawls. The success of these events and rising popularity beckoned him into the recording arena. His first single covered the Paragons' hitMemories by the Score. His next two records signaled further development as a composer. Mallory's Reggae Gone Grammy and Irie Daughter both entered the top ten chards in a short time, but it was the classic ode to dancehall, She Boom which not only became number one on the charts, but also became the first music video which portrayed dancehall dancers and blazed a new trail for other vides showcasing the dancehall movement. "She Boom" was subsequently covered in French by "Kulcha Konnection" and rose to #1 on the French music charts. Still in pursuit of a wider experience, Mallory changed from solo artist to principal keyboard accompanist to a wide cross section of the most outstanding and accomplished reggae artists recognized worldwide. They included Jimmy Cliff, with whom he recorded Cliff's gold album. The Power and Glory and Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers with whom he toured and played on several albums including the Grammy Award winning Fallen is Babylon. As keyboard player with the all-star backing band Lloyd Parkes and We the People, he accompanied other artists such as Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Ken Boothe and John Holt. Mallory's CD, Dance Reggae-Cha-Cha is a remake of his father's instrumental classic hit Arawak-Cha-Cha to which he added lyrics and recorded it in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He currently operates out of Denver, Colorado where he recently performed at the Denver Performing Arts Center. His latest release on ITunes is the instant classic Smoke It LikeA Marley released on his music label "Jamaica House Music."


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Jamaica House Music is a Music Production and Publishing company based in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in Reggae, Hiphop and Dancehall Music music production, composition and remixing for Record Labels.

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